swansea football clubA brief history about Swansea football club

This is a football club whose formation dates back in 1912. After being formed, they had to wait until in 1921 when they got the chance to play in the Football League. Their field kit has been all the same for many years (white strips). However, there has been occasions when they use black shorts and socks. The nickname for this Football Club is Swans or the Jacks.

The club became to be known as Swansea city back in 1971. This is the time that the town was granted the status to be called a city. This name has since been changed to Swansea Football Club Inc in 2007 in order to match the world name.

Club’s turbulent times

Swansea has had its fair share of trying moments. On the 20th of December, 1985, this club was wound up officially. This was after the club had undergone successive relegation. On the verge of this eventual collapse, it took the intervention of a group of directors. They are the ones who brought together some cash and then applied for a request to continue playing. In 2001/02 season, the club was again on a blades edge as it was facing bankruptcy. Were it not for the intervention of an Australian businessman Tony Petty, the club would have sunk.

Rising to top flight football

After surviving the bankruptcy scare in the 2001/02 season, the club faced relegation from the Football League but survived on the final day of the 2002/03 season. Since this scare, they haven’t looked back yet and continue to rise in football ranks.

In 2005, they got promoted to League One and it was during this time that they also switched to Liberty Stadium from their Vetch Field which is their home. In 2008, they rose again to the championship and three years later, they became the first club in Welsh to be promoted in the premier league.

Major changes

In its rise to top flight, Swansea Football club Inc has seen quite a number of changes both in their playing fields as well as amenities. This started off with a single ground which only housed change rooms and a single canteen. As it currently stands, the club has complex club which now boasts of three fields which are full size. It also comes with a brick building which hosts the change rooms, canteen, improved amenities and gear shed.

Two of its three fields now have lights and night matches can be played while the other can be used for training.

Improved amenities

All its fields have installed a ground watering system which fully automated. There is also the water catchment system which has been installed on the fields. It will help in cleaning of the fields as well as flushing toilets. They have also expanded the change rooms in order to allow accommodation of female teams which increase each day.

As it currently stands and with all the upgrades that continue to take place, Swansea could have one of the best ground in the area.

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