clyne valley country park in swanseaThe best of clyne valley park in Swansea

This is a park which covers a vast mass of land. Deciduous trees are the major tree types that one finds in this park. Oak and some bit of Sycamore and Birch are the species that you will find in this park. It is a park packed will a wide range of mammals, birds and insects. Surely, spending a day in this park would be an adventure to remember.

Within these acres, one finds varied landscapes which range from steep gorges and wooded hillsides to quarries and wet valley floor. The Clyne river also meanders through this park and there are also a number of ponds and lakes.

Some of the important things to learn about clyne include:-

History about Clyne Valley Park

Until recently, this is a place which has seen industrial activities take place. At first, coal mining which dates back 1305. With the development of coal industry, led to sprouting of related industries namely ironworks. There was also a brickmaking industry which later went underground. With the thriving of these industrial activities, it then became necessary to provide transport. This is what led to the development of the tramway which connects Mumbles Railway. Later on followed more railway networks.

Clyne Gardens

These are owned by the county of Swansea as well as the city. The best part is that they are available and open to the public at any time of the year. The ‘Clyne in Bloom’ is a time of the year in May when the rhododendrons and azaleas are in their full glory. It is during this month that this spectacular display is show-cased for everyone to enjoy. These gardens were established by William Graham Vivian back in 1860 and it was meant to reflect his ‘muscle’ in terms of finances.

Clyne wood and Hen Barc

HenBarc is a land to the west of the Clyne wood which is partly enclosed. The reason for enclosing this area was because it was used for preservation and hunting animals such as deer for sports. This can be dated back to the period in the mid-sixteenth century or even earlier than that. Clyne wood became important for a number of reasons including producing wood products. Some of the trees in this woods include oak, buckthorn, crab apple, birch and alder among many others.

Cycle path

At the heart of the Clyne valley park, it a cycle path which quietly dissects this park. This is a 4.5 mile stretch which people who enjoy a cycle across the park use. This path was built upon the old railways that used to exist in the past. This path connects Blackpill toGowerton while passing through Dunvant. It is a path where you will commonly find people cycling as one cannot also help the views and the clean environment.


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