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This is a Gallery in Swansea which is named after its founder Richard Glynn Vivian who is also its principal benefactor. Born in September of 1835, he is the fourth son in the family of the Vivians. Unlike his other family members who chose to pursue scientific education, Glynn chose arts. Upon the death of his father, his other three brothers continued to run their firm but he chose a different path. This is one which involved arts and foreign travels.

With all the gallery collections he had made, he offered this to Swansea and he laid the foundation stone for the gallery in 1909. While the gallery was opened in 1911, he never lived to experience the celebrations and it was his brother who helped. His collection contains glassware, miniature paintings, and ceramic collections among other things.

Enjoy the feel of art

One of the main aims of this gallery is to inspire people. Peoplegets the opportunity to enjoy the work of arts both in the past and present. The gallery has already been redeveloped in order to make it more meaningful to the surrounding communities including others who come to visit. Founded in 1911 as previously mentioned, the gallery is owned by the city and the county. Its distinctive collection dates back over a century. This collection continues to grow courtesy of the artists in the modern world.

Exhibition programmes

The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery has also been holding exhibitions in the recent years. Such have been graced by artists from Wales and other parts of the world who take pride to participate in these events. Some of the notable projects in this gallery were done by Laura Ford, Mark Wallinger, Shimabuku and Bedwyr Williams among others. The most recent one involved a city wide exhibition and engaged artists from Xiamen in china and others from Swansea itself.

Learning and engagement programs

There has also been learning programs has been taking place in order to engage the communities around and from other parts. With the diverse audiences from other parts of the world, the gallery has made a transformative approach to enhance participation. There have been many development initiatives which has been done with much embrace from every participant. Anti-poverty initiatives have also been an integral partof their participation and especially in the inner areas of the city.

Redevelopment of the gallery

Owing to its cultural value and its immense economic benefits to even the local communities, this gallery has been redeveloped in order to make it stronger and much better. The gallery has been a great source of culture wealth and has attracted both local and international visitors. With the amazing Swansea porcelain and pottery, there is no better place to learn their culture than from this place.

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