things to do in swanseaThings to do in Swansea for culture lovers and sporting

For those who love culture, Swansea has proven to be the city to visit. This Welsh city has proven to have plenty to offer its visitors right from the Flemish masterpiece discovered recently to a renovated gallery. For those who enjoy having fun in the water, there is plenty of water activities that cannot possibly exhaust in a day or two. Some of the fun activities that one can experience in Swansea include waterskiing, kayaking and fishing to mention but a few.

For those who love the adventure, you can penetrate the ocean a little bit on a jet boat. If you choose to remain on the beach and have some fun there, it will still work just fine for you.

Some of the things to do in Swansea include:

  • Take your time to explore sea caves

As the name suggests, caves beach is commonly known due to the numerous number of caves located at the beach on the southern side. When there is a low tide, visitors get the chance to explore these breath taking sceneries. The beach has barbeque facilities which have been maintained for visitors to enjoy their time there.

If you have a family, there is no better way to surprise them than bringing them down to the Caves beach for some adventure.

  • Don’t forget the coastal walking track

If you want to enjoy some of the most gorgeous oceanic and coastal views, then you need to find energy to take the coastal walk. This park has everything to offer you and a walk down would be worth your time. Along the way, you get the opportunity to birdwatch while enjoying the clean air provided by the vegetation around. Also, your fishing rod should accompany you in this track. This is because the track leads you to Pinny beach where you get the chance to do some fishing.

  • High speed jet boats

For sport lovers, Swansea never falls short of what it can offer you. A Jetbuzzat Lake Macquarie is what will give you the ultimate thrill of the challenge. Some of these boats will cruise at speeds of up to 42 knots which gives you the adrenaline rush you haven’t had in a long time. In every fun option, it comes with a licensed staff. These ensures your safety while you continue to have fun. Surely, this is one of the things you wouldn’t want to miss.

  • Take a tour at Oystermouth Castle

This is a historic monument which sits on the hill in the Mumbles village in Swansea. In the past couple of years, this place has undergone renovations in order to give it life and ensure it is sustainable and safe for the visitors. Some of those places in this castle which weren’t visible can now be seen and there’s nothing as breathtaking.

What captures the eyes is the ancient graffiti which dates back to the 14th century. Book in advance and get a chance to tour this castle and feel the culture and all its glory.

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